Save energy in your home in 6 easy steps

1. Replace incandescent lightbulbs. Using compact fluorescent or LED lights can reduce the amount of energy you use by up to 75%.

2. Block up leaks and drafts. If hot air is getting out and cold air is coming in, it forces you to turn up the heat and so your efficiency suffers. Seal cracks, block spaces around windows and doors. If your windows aren’t able to keep the breeze out, consider installing thicker curtains to help block the wind.

3. Get energy-efficient appliances. The older your appliances, the less efficient they will be. Modern washing machines, stoves, fridges, and kitchen appliances use less energy and are sure to lower your electricity bills.

4. Switch off. If you’re not using something, turn it off. It can be hard to get into the habit off switching off/plugging out your TV, computer, kitchen appliances and chargers but it will save you money and help the environment in the process.

5. Take shorter showers. Nothing beats a long, hot shower but staying in for longer than you need to is a major waste of water.

6. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Do your bit for the environment. Stick to your particular area’s recycling procedures. If there’s anything you can re-use, such as glass or plastic containers, do so.

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