Making a Claim

If you or any other driver are involved in an accident, contact our office immediately on 064 66 34632 (between office hours) or Motor Insurance Services on 048 904 10222. Your claims handler will contact you with any updates as we receive them.

Insurance Claims Do’s & Don’t

  • report the accident to the Gardaí
  • seek medical advice if required
  • take photographs of any damage caused to both parties
  • make a note of: weather conditions
  • registration numbers of all parties involved
  • contact information for the other driver(s)
  • insurance details for anyone involved
  • check if there are witnesses
  • complete and return claims forms in a timely manner

If someone is claiming from your policy, their insurance company or solicitor may send correspondence to you directly. You do not need to do anything except forward this to your claims handler

  • admit liability or agree that you were at fault
  • move your vehicle unless it is safe and legal to do so
  • leave the scene until the Gardaí have arrived
  • organise repairs for your own vehicle until you contact our claims team
  • orgainse replacement car until you change over your insurance