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Van Insurance FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

  • Do I need commercial van insurance?

    You do not have to be in business or hold any type of licence for your vehicle. Commercial vans are covered by the same law as passenger cars, meaning you cannot drive them on private land without insurance coverage. If you want to use your van privately, it will still protect you and anyone else driving with permission against injury costs should an accident happen outside work hours.

  • How much does van insurance cost?

    This can vary from company to company, but it's best to budget around £500 per year for fully comprehensive insurance as a general guide. Suppose you're looking for the cheapest option. In that case, though, the third party only is usually offered at under £200 per year, and this would cover against any damage or injury caused by your vehicle but not theft or fire, etcetera.

  • What are the benefits of van insurance?

    Aside from providing third-party liability cover for your vehicle in the event of an accident, van insurance can also offer protection for things such as fire and theft. This could be extremely important if you use your commercial vehicle to transport expensive items or tools, as it would provide some financial security should they be damaged or stolen while in transit.

  • What questions should I ask when buying van insurance?

    You'll want to know how much your excess is, what happens if you claim, and the conditions of the policy. Make sure that any optional extras are worth it for protecting yourself financially in case of an accident or breakdown. These can add a significant increase to your payout, so only get them if they're going to be useful!

  • Can I cancel my commercial vehicle insurance at any point?

    This will depend on which insurer you go with but usually yes after a minimum period has been reached, such as 30 days since purchase. Be aware, though, that this could result in fees being charged depending on how far into the year it is and whether break clauses have been triggered etcetera. If you do cancel, make sure to shop around for a replacement policy as soon as possible once the minimum period has passed so that your cover is not interrupted!


  • How long should my insurance be?

    This will depend on what type of business model you have and how many vehicles are involved etcetera but in general; it's best to allow yourself at least 12 months worth of policies just in case something happens during this time, which would require an excess payment or if there were any changes needed such as price increases.

  • What other types of van insurance are there?

    There's a commercial vehicle breakdown cover which can be very useful if your company van breaks down or if you travel abroad with it. If replacement is needed, this policy will help reduce the cost and speed up how long it takes for a replacement to arrive on site. This type of policy usually costs just under £100 but could save money should an incident happen, so definitely worth considering! 


    You may also want to consider business liability cover, which covers against legal bills incurred by third parties due to cases such as slander. This would come in handy if someone was offended by something said at work and decided they wanted financial compensation, etcetera. Make sure you're protected financially when working with the public!


  • How can I reduce the cost of my van insurance?

    There are a few things you can do in order to bring down the price of your policy. One is to shop around and compare prices between different insurers; another is to increase your voluntary excess (the amount you're willing to pay towards any claims made) and finally make sure that you only add on extras that you need. For example, adding a breakdown cover may be a good idea if you frequently use your commercial vehicle for long journeys but getting business liability insurance if you work with the public might not be as necessary. Compare what each company offers and see what would work best for your needs!

  • What discounts are available for van insurance?

    There could be savings made on your premium if you have more than one van – often referred to as a 'multi-policy discount' – so make sure all of those used in business are included on one application! You may also save money based on the place where you park your commercial vehicle overnight, such as outside an office block rather than residential property, which could attract a higher premium. Some insurers also offer discounts for experienced drivers or those who have no at-fault claims on their record, so it's definitely worth shopping around and seeing what's available.


  • What should I do if I'm in an accident?

    The first thing you need to do is ensure that everyone involved is okay and then call the police if necessary. Once this has been done, contact your insurer as soon as possible with full details of what happened – including witness statements if possible. You may be asked to provide a claim form that will require information such as the cost of repairs etcetera so start gathering any paperwork which may be needed straight away! This can all seem daunting but make sure you stay calm, and everything will be sorted in the end.

  • What happens if my van is stolen?

    This can be a very distressing time, and your insurer will work with you to try and get your vehicle back as soon as possible. You'll need to provide a full list of all the items which were inside the vehicle at the time of the theft, as well as any receipts or proof of ownership, etcetera. If your van is found after being reported as stolen, make sure you contact the police immediately and don't try to recover it yourself – this could lead to criminal charges!

  • I'm moving abroad. Do I need to take out separate insurance?

    This really depends on where in the world you're going and what type of cover is available in that country. If you're going to a European Economic Area (EEA) nation, then your UK insurance is valid for twelve months after moving. This means it's possible to drive across Europe without taking out additional cover, but if you do need any repairs or medical treatment whilst away, this may have to be paid for upfront and claimed back from the insurer upon return home. Other locations such as North America are almost impossible to get insured no matter what type of vehicle is being driven, so this would definitely require separate overseas cover before travelling!


    Hopefully, this has answered any questions you may have about van insurance, but please feel free to get in touch if you still have any queries!