Save up to 15% on home insurance by installing an alarm

Installing an alarm in your house is a great way to secure your home, your family and your belongings, and it also comes with an added bonus that you might not have considered: cheaper insurance.

While a home alarm isn’t a prerequisite when purchasing a home insurance policy, providers will take it into account when calculating your premium.

In fact, homeowners who have an alarm installed on their premises can expect a discount of up to 10-15% which is a nice sum of money, especially in these trying economical times.

(One important thing to remember is that if you avail of such a discount and your house does get burgled but your alarm was not active, your claim may be refused. So, make sure it’s switched on!)

Whether you have an alarm or not, it still pays to shop around and that’s where comes in. At GMIB we compare quotes from all the top insurance companies to find you the perfect policy for your specific circumstances.

We have strong relationships with all the major players so if there’s a better deal to be found, we’ll find it.

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