8 smart tips to help you clean your car

Are you planning a nice summer drive in your favourite automobile? Turn heads for all the right reasons by making sure that you motor is looking as fresh and as clean as possible. These eight clever pointers will help you on your way

1. Park in the shade. Direct sunlight can prematurely dry the water on the car and leave unsightly marks. If the water becomes too hot and evaporates too quickly it can make the cleaning process unnecessarily awkward.

2. Come equipped. If you really want to get your car spotless, you’ll probably need the following:

  • car wash detergent
  • plenty of water
  • three buckets (two for washing, one for rinsing)
  • a hose
  • microfibre cloths or towels (for drying)
  • wash mitts
  • a large sponge
  • a stiff scrubbing brush, a separate brush to scrub your tires with.

3. Getting started. Hose off the car. Don’t use too much force and try to aim the jet downwards at all times. This will avoid scratching any loose debris off the paint and also help prevent water from seeping into the car via the windows.

4. Wash the wheels first. The wheels are often the dirtiest part of the vehicle so it makes sense to start here, otherwise you run the risk of transferring dirt to parts of the car that already washed. Use a long, stiff brush to clean all of the nooks and crannies.

5. Wash the car. Avoid using a brush as you may very well end up with scratched paintwork. Soak a soft wash mitt or sponge in the water with the detergent and apply it to the car.

6. Start from the top. This will allow the soapy water to run down the car. You can then clean the lower parts as you go around, thus avoiding having to clean the same areas on more than one occasion.

7. Dry off with towels. Once you’re sure the car is spotless, dry it down with fresh towels. Try not to leave any water on the surface as it can damage the paint or even cause it to rust. Microfibre towels work best. When you’re done, you can just pop them in the washing machine.

8. Wax on. Apply wax to your clean, dry car. Not only will it give your wagon a healthy glow, it will also protect it from sun damage and even from grit and debris that might pop up while driving.

And you’re good to go! For more information on this and other topics, check out our blog or get in touch with one of our experts today.

All the best,

The Team at GMIB.ie