Don’t leave these items in your car during cold weather

As if we didn’t already have enough to be contending with, we’re currently experiencing a cold snap with temperatures dipping nationwide.

It’s certainly the type of weather that lends itself to wrapping up warm indoors but spare a thought for your car, and the belongings inside your car, stuck outside in the freezing cold.

Here’s a list of things you should try not to leave in your vehicle during extremely cold weather.


This is more an issue of safety than one of avoiding damage. In the morning, you may be inclined to start up your car and go back inside while the vehicle “warms up”, but leaving your car running and unattended could lead to it being stolen by opportunist thieves. It also uses unnecessary fuel which wastes money and is bad for the environment.


Carbonated soft drinks and even alcohol freeze quite easily so beware: cans are liable to explode when the temperature drops below zero.


In general, medication should be kept at room temperature. Certain medicines can be rendered ineffectual if stored incorrectly.

A small amount of fuel in your tank

If you want to make sure your fuel lines don’t seize up during cold weather, try to keep your tank at least half full.


Wood contracts in freezing weather which may cause it to crack, so avoid storing your six-string, or any other wooden instrument, in the car overnight.

Technological Devices

Devices with lithium batteries, such as smartphones and tablets, should never be exposed to extreme cold. These kinds of conditions can damage the screen and reduce the battery life of your product.

So double check your car before you rush inside to warm yourself by the fire… It could be worth your while!