Driving uphill: 6 top tips

Driving up hills can be a bit of a (wait for it) uphill struggle. Here’s some friendly advice to help you get to the top.

1. Speed up

Don’t go mad and break any laws but if you’re driving below the limit and have space in front, try to gather speed and momentum as you approach the hill. 4th or 5th gear is ideal if possible. This will help your ascent.

2. Change gears (down)

Your vehicle needs to supply more power to the wheels in order to counteract the force of gravity. If your engine is making unusual noises, you're probably in too high of a gear. As soon as it feels like the car is slowing down, switch to the next-lowest gear and step on the accelerator.

3. Change gears (up)

If your car isn’t struggling with the incline, try to use a higher gear. Your car should run better which will lead to more efficient fuel consumption.

4. Sharp turns

When driving uphill, you may need to downshift again to gain extra power on sharp turns.

5. Use your handbrake

Your handbrake can be a useful tool when starting from a stop on hills as it can prevent you from slipping backwards as you try to take off. When stopped on a hill, put the car into neutral and pull up the handbrake. When it’s safe to drive on, step on the clutch, shift into first gear, then slowly release the clutch. When the clutch starts to engage, slowly release the handbrake.

As always, the most important thing is to stay safe so proceed with caution. Driving uphill can be tricky at times but practice makes perfect. Follow these tips and you’ll climb that hill with ease!

All the best,

The Team at GMIB.ie