Driving with your pet

Love your pet? Find it hard to leave them at home? Bringing your furry friend along with you on your journey can be fun for everyone but it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times. Cars weren’t exactly designed for the transportation of animals so next time you’re about to take your pet out on a road trip, remember these helpful tips.

1. ID tags

Make sure your pet’s ID tags are securely fastened and that they have your current phone number attached. If your dog is chipped, make sure the information held within is up to date. You never know where you might get separated and if you’re far from home, it may be difficult to find each other again.

2. Take short drives at first

If it’s your pet’s first time in a car, don’t take them on a very long drive. Being in a car may be stressful for them at first. Build up to long road trips with short drives so they can get accustomed to the experience.

3. Opening the window might not suffice

Ideally pets should never be left unaccompanied in parked cars. Cars heat up really fast, even if the windows are cracked. It can be stressful and potentially dangerous to leave your pet in your car for extended periods of time so if possible take them with you while you run your errands.

4. Keep your pet restrained

Make sure you safely restrain your pet inside of your vehicle before you take off. It’s recommended that you invest in a specially designed pet seatbelt, carrier or barrier to keep them safe while the car is in motion.

5. No distractions

The last place your pet should be is on your lap or near the driver seat. One of the most important parts of road safety is staying focussed; it’s impossible to give your full attention to the road if you’re also playing with your pet while you drive.

6. Keep the windows closed while driving

Your dog might love sticking his head out the window while you’re flying down the motorway but experts recommend against this practice. The wind can seriously irritate mucous membranes and even blow pieces of grit or other types of debris into their eyes. Not to mention what might happen in the event of an accident. Keep your pet inside and safely restrained while the car is in motion.

As with everything road-related, safety has to be our number one priority. Follow this advice to guarantee a safe and fun adventure for you and your pet.

Safe travels,

The Team at GMIB.ie