How to park your car safely

It’s estimated that up to 15% of all collisions occur either in car parks or during the act of parking. Parking can be tricky at times and with so many vehicles in such close proximity to one another, car parks are often fraught with potential danger. To avoid unnecessary parking stress, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Drive slowly

With so many cars going in so many different directions, in addition to all the pedestrians slipping in and out between parked cars, it’s really important to exercise caution when driving around a car park. Driving slowly will give you more time to react to surprises.

2. Turn off the music

It’s a good idea to switch off your radio. Concentration is key in such a busy environment so cutting out any unnecessary distractions will certainly help. Being able to hear another car approaching or a pedestrian talking may prevent a nasty accident.

3. Focus

Pulling in and out of parking spaces can be awkward at the best of times so give it your full attention. Ignore your phone, don’t set your satnav and don’t get side-tracked by your passengers. Losing focus for even a split second could be costly.

4. Avoid tight squeezes

It can be tempting to try and squeeze into a space that isn’t really big enough, especially when the car park is busy or you’re in a rush. The downside to doing this is the very real risk of damaged paintwork when either you or people in the cars either side of you open the doors. Be patient and find a space that you’re certain is wide enough to allow ample space for the opening of doors, even if it means a longer walk to the supermarket.

5. Use your indicators

It can be easy to forget about your indicators when you get “off the road” but they can be just as helpful in a car park. Letting other drivers and pedestrians know precisely when and where you’re turning is sure to add an extra layer of security to the parking process.

6. Find the best location

If possible, park at a closed end of a parking bay. If you have a wall or a pole at one side it will reduce the chances of being struck by another car. Try not to park at an open end of a bay. Here you run the added risk of being hit by passing traffic. At straight, double-sided parking bays, find a place where you can drive straight through one space and into another at the other side. That way you’ll remove the need to reverse back out, which can be problematic on busy days.

Follow these pointers and you’re sure to have a hassle-free time at the car park. Check out our other posts for more great advice!

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