How to drive a new car


Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you may have recently purchased a new car. Even if you’re an experienced driver, getting behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle can be jarring at first, so we’ve put together this list of pointers to help you on your way. Hopefully you will become accustomed to your new motor in no time at all!

1. Warm up

Every time you start your new car, it is advisable to drive relatively slowly for the first 10 minutes or so. This will help “break in” the engine and other mechanisms before you take it on more taxing journeys.

2. Embrace traffic

Traffic can be a nightmare but the stop-start nature of being stuck in a jam can actually be good for a new vehicle. Regularly stopping and going can help to wear in your brakes, ensuring that they are properly prepared for when you need them most.

3. Push it, but not too far

It’s natural to want to test out the speed of your car, and it can be beneficial to do so. Getting out on the motorway and driving at the speed limit is a good way of getting a feel for your new vehicle. Just remember to stick to the speed limit and exercise caution at all times.

4. Early oil change

If you really want to look after your new car, change the oil earlier than recommended (e.g. after 1,600km). And then do it again at the first recommended mileage point.

5. Familiarise yourself with the controls

Before taking it out on the road, look around the inside of your car and practice using all the controls. Where are the hazard lights? Which button turns on the radio? It’s important to familiarise yourself with all the car’s functions - travelling at 80km per hour is not the right time to be figuring these things out. Don’t be shy about consulting the manual if you don’t know what something is for.

6. Check the tyres

Your new car may have new tyres but it’s wise to check them out all the same. Better safe than sorry.

7. Get used to the view

Your old car was a specific height off the ground, had a specific shape, and had specific mirrors. It may take a while to grow accustomed to your new vantage point and surroundings so expedite the process by sitting in your car and taking a look around. Adjust your seat and mirrors as necessary.

8. Practice your parking

You may be a parking expert but sitting into a new car brings new challenges. Before going out in public and running the risk of a scrape, practice your parking at home or in another quiet place.

9. Make sure you’re covered

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