Driving long distances on your own

Sometimes long journeys are unavoidable and while a bit of company is always nice, there will be times when you’ll just have to go it alone. But fear not: the team here at GMIB.ie have come up with a list of helpful tips to get you to your destination safely.

1. Be positive

Long drives can be daunting when you’re on your own but try your best to stay positive. Be optimistic about the trip and it’s far more likely to be an enjoyable experience.

2. Stock up

Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks such as fruit. Stay away from salty foods like crisps as they could leave you feeling dehydrated and fatigued.

3. Bring the tunes

The right type of music can make all the difference to your journey. Opt for something light and slow-paced. Studies show that listening to high tempo music like heavy rock and dance increases the chance of having an accident.

4. Check your vehicle

The last thing you want is to get half-way to your destination only to break down. Check your oil and make sure everything is in proper working order before you hit the road.

5. Forget about the time

You might have a rough idea of how long the drive is going to take but don’t worry too much about time. If you set yourself a time and you get delayed it may cause you to become demoralized. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

6. Stay alert

Long drives can be draining and with no passengers to keep you occupied, you might find yourself more tired than usual. Opening the window and getting a blast of fresh air can really awaken the senses. If you feel yourself getting sleepy, find somewhere to pull over and take a break. Even a few minute’s rest can make all the difference.

Follow these simple tips and your long journey won’t feel so long!

All the best,

The Team at GMIB.ie